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Learn Scuba Diving, continue Scuba Education, or just simply Dive! 

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Who We Are

Our Dive Professionals are available to instruct, educate, and train divers from just beginning their underwater adventures to advanced certifications. Check out some of the different courses offered through Naui Dive here on our site. Once you are a certified diver, keep a weather eye on our dive calendar where you can jump in the water with Blue Descent at various locations!

Looking forward to getting some bubble therapy soon!

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Intro to Scuba

Are you interested in trying Scuba for the first time but are not sure if you would like it? See about our Explorer Program to give it a shot in a confined pool setting!

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Student Diver Courses

Interested in starting your dive adventure or continuing your education as a diver? Take a glace at some of the courses offered!

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Upcoming Dives

Looking for a group of people to dive with? Look no further! Our upcoming dives are a good opportunity to get some bubble time. 

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Experience Sealife

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Certified By

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Contact Us

Clearwater, Florida


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